Action Custom Straps has been privileged to make the guitar straps you see Jimmy Buffett wear in concert since 2002. 


- 2002 -

The first strap we made for Jimmy was a strap he wore at a Birthday bash for Jerry Jeff Walker. It was a little wide, a little loud, but he was going to Texas!


The original Hula Girl

Then we made the original Hula Girl strap to go on his (then) new PRS. Here is the original Hula Girl before being shipped. The Hula Girl was hand embroidered and then hand beaded.

Here is a picture of Jimmy wearing the Hula Girl strap in 2002. You can still see it in action at his concerts!

The Hula Girl strap is available and it is exactly the same as Jimmy’s. Price is $400.00 including shipping.


Later in 2002 we made the Pirate strap that Jimmy wears for his song, “A Pirate Looks at Forty.”

The original “Pirate” strap was auctioned off in 2015 to benefit the Bryan Brothers Foundation.

The winning bid was $3,550.00

Jimmy is now wearing a newer version.


The original Pirate strap


Jimmy is wearing the original “Pirate” strap.


- 2003 -

These are the original Tiki straps before being shipped.


Jimmy wearing Tiki strap on stage with Alan Jackson and George Strait.

In 2003 we made the Tiki straps to go with that year’s tour theme “Tiki Time”. Jimmy obviously liked the straps because he is still using them today! Below is a picture of Jimmy’s new PRS and one of the Tiki straps before their first concert together.

The Tiki straps are available. Price is $400.00 including shipping.


- 2004 -

In 2004 we made the Chill straps to go with that year’s tour theme “Licensed to Chill.”

The Chill strap is available for $350.00 including shipping.


- 2005 -

In 2005 we made the Lighthouse straps to go with that year’s tour theme “A Salty Piece of Land.”

Jimmy is shown here wearing the “day” Lighthouse strap.

The Lighthouse straps are available. Each strap is embroidered exactly like Jimmy’s and adjusts from 44” to 54”. Price is $400.00 including shipping.

These are the original Lighthouse straps – one for day and one for night.

- 2006 -

For 2006 we made the Surfboard strap!  Jimmy is shown here wearing the Surfboard strap at the New Orleans Jazz Festival in May of 2006.

Sorry, the Surfboard strap is no longer available.


- 2007 -

For 2007 we made the Flori-Bama strap!

Sorry, the Flori-Bama strap is no longer available.

- 2008 -

For 2008 we made the “STILL HERE” strap.

Sorry, the “Still Here” strap is no longer available.


- 2009 -

For 2009 we made the “Summerzcool” strap.

Sorry, the “SUMMERZCOOL” strap is no longer available.


Photo Credit: Kevin Baldes


- 2010 -

For 2010 – big changes – no more yearly themed straps! Enter the Fins up! and Big Top straps that have been in use ever since.

Both the Fins up! and Big Top straps are currently available for $225.00 each.


- 2015 -

For 2015, to go with Jimmy’s new black Martin, a strap to match.

- Over the Years -

And there have been a few other straps here and there… and more to come…


You can see more pictures of Jimmy wearing ACTION Custom Straps at:


Just a single fin on a white 200 series strap.

And who could forget the “somebody” strap that went so perfectly with Mac’s “NOBODY” strap.

“Kinky for Gov” guitar strap.


When Kinky Friedman ran for Governor of Texas in 2006, Jimmy was there to support him with his “Kinky for Gov” guitar straps.

Before the Palm strap, Jimmy had a strap on his new Martin that was made to go with his vintage Everly Brother Gibson.
Meeting Jimmy, Mac and Peter for the first time. A few years ago…