Do you want the finest luxury guitar strap available? 

Action Custom Guitar Straps are NOT JUST A PRETTY FACE!

“The unfortunate thing about great sounding guitars is that they are often heavy. Action straps take the pain away.” – Andy Abad

Andy knows what he is talking about. He has toured with the Backstreet Boys, Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez and has recorded with Bonnie Raitt, Ricky Martin and many others.

Every single one of our straps is made to the same specs and level of comfort described by Andy. Shop our guitar strap categories below. 

See examples of the strap width and our hidden “adjustment back” to the right.  Our guitar straps are designed to adjust 10”. Our standard length is 44” to 54”. However, we can make the strap longer or shorter at no additional cost.

If you are looking for personalized or monogrammed guitar strap, please look at some of the personalized guitar straps that we have made on our Custom Designs page for ideas of what we can do. And please don’t hesitate to contact us

Our Series 80 guitar straps are 2” wide.

Our Series 100 guitar straps are 2 1/2” wide.

Our Series 200 guitar straps are 3 1/4” wide.