Simply Classy Wheat


Just the right color.

Our Simply Classy Wheat guitar strap is right in the middle of tan and gold and goes well with a lot of different browns.  The strap is finished on both sides (no suede allowed here) because it is a one piece body that is seamed precisely on the back.  Then we add a heavier leather adjustment piece and tail.  Thus is born the most comfortable strap we make with rounded sides and an equally thick body for unparalleled comfort.  Finally, the strap is carefully sewn with a double stitch of gold stitching for strength and appearance.  You will love the feel and looks of our Simply Classy Wheat custom guitar strap.  Our Simply Classy Wheat custom guitar strap is hand built with concern for quality.  The width is 2 1/2”.  Standard length is 44” to 54”.  For longer or shorter lengths, call or e-mail. 

Price: $125.00

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