Simply Classy Red

Soft Red Leather Guitar Strap

Red and ready to play!

Our Simply Classy Red 100 custom guitar strap features a very soft top grain leather one piece body. We make the body by carefully and precisely folding and seaming the leather down the middle of the underside. This way of constructing our Simply Classy Red means that the sides are rounded, and eliminates any edges that might even slightly irritate your neck with extended wear. Of course, it goes without saying that the leather must be soft in order for the body to be made this way!

At Action Custom Straps we have never liked cutting holes in the body of our straps (which is too soft to be used in this way), so we add an additional hidden adjustment piece that gives a clean and custom look no matter where the strap is adjusted. This additional adjustment piece allows soft leather to be used where it can be appreciated and stronger leather where it is needed! After the strap is assembled, it is sewn with a strong matching red double stitch.

You will love the feel and looks of our Simply Classy Red 100 custom guitar strap.  The width is 2 1/2”. Standard length is 44” to 54”. Add 6” at no extra charge or if you need a specific length, just let us know in an e-mail. Or give us a call at 800-354-4939 and we will take all the time needed to get it right.