Diamondback Rattlesnake

Everyone likes diamonds!  So throw a few over your shoulder with our Diamondback Rattlesnake custom guitar strap!

Our Diamondback Rattlesnake is made by carefully cutting the diamond pattern from a full rattlesnake skin and inlaying it in garment leather.  Each rattlesnake is distinctly different and the pattern or shading may vary slightly from the picture.  But this only makes your strap a one of a kind item!  Width is 2 1/2” and length is 44” to 54”.  Custom is in our name for a reason and if you want it longer or shorter, just call or e-mail.  We’ll go from there to make sure your diamonds are the right size!

Price: $350.00

To Order YOUR Diamondback Rattlesnake Custom Guitar Strap Model G114: