We hope that we convey the idea that we really enjoy working with individuals, one on one, in making what we hope are the best custom guitar and custom camera straps available. Some of our customers respond with comments and photos and we really appreciate the time they take. Thank you to everyone that takes the time to send an E-mail and especially those customers who send a picture! These comments mean more than money, well... almost!

Customer Comments

 Naples, FL - Peter Fleming’s wife made a needlepoint inlay to be used in a strap for his new uke. So, we sent samples of leather and then Peter sent us the completed inlay with his choice of leather.

Peter send this pic with the finished product.

Peter simply said, “The strap is great.”

(And that’s what we like to hear.)



Lenny Bosh of Coventry, CT sent this pic of a Cobra Belly Scales in Black Leather custom guitar strap as Lenny describes it;

On a Vik Guitar Caprice Hollowbody "Poison Ivy"

A good looking pair!


“Troy loves it!”

Arndt Mueller, Marion, IN



“Only photo I have with me and the strap. Told you I only play at home haha! Hope it helps ”

Sam Lopez, Beverly Hills, CA


“Here is a picture with my guitar and the strap you made for it. It is made from copper taken from an old water holding tank. It is a boat anchor but has a great sound and sustain. The strap makes it comfortable to play.”

Larry Archer, Cornelius, NC


“Hello Terry: Here's the picture of the new strap and my Taylor 12 string.  I wanted to ensure that the photo showed the match of the coloration of the strap and embroidering, with the inlay on the fret board.  We couldn't have done it any better than this.

It's absolutely perfect.  It's a large file, but has the best clarity.”

John Borntraeger

“Terry: I received my guitar strap in today's mail.   WOW!  It is just beautiful.  Thank you so very much.  And thanks for the replacement end piece for my other strap.  Fits like a glove.  I no longer have to worry about my other Taylor 6 hitting the floor.
The lighting is not too good in the evening. So I'll take a good picture of the Taylor 12 and the new strap in the next few days and send it to you.  I promise it won't take me a couple of years to get the picture to you as was the case with the first strap.
Again, thank you so much for the leather samples and the effort you put forth to make this strap match the guitar, and the additional end-piece.  As you will see, when I get the picture to you, we have, as they say, "done good!"
Thanks and may you always have good health and God's peace & His love.”
John Borntraeger, The Villages, FL


“Not sure if these work for you, but I'm really liking those straps.  They are beautiful, real works of art.  And they are functional too, the most comfortable straps I've ever had.  

The 7/16th tailpiece fits the input jack on the SJ 200 perfectly, and the headstock strap goes really well with the gold finish of the tuners.

Looks pretty good on the Candy Apple Red Tele too.

Very happy camper.”

Thanks again.

Mike Turner,  Newport Beach, CA



“Hey Terry, I just got back from picking up the strap. It is fantastic!!! I can't imagine how it could be any better. Great job!”

Thanks again, Barry Prudhomme, Sarnia, Ontario, CA


“Terry, Got the strap -- looks and feels fantastic w this guitar. Another superb piece of work!”

Julian Hsu, Lone Tree, CO


“I ordered this for my Husband. When he opened his gift, a huge smile came across his face and he said he was just "gobsmacked!" He immediately got his guitar and put the strap on. He said it was very comfortable as it did not dig into his neck and it holds the guitar very securely (store bought ones in the past unfortunately did not!). As far as ordering from ActionCustomStraps, they were very thorough, wonderful to communicate with (I live in Las Vegas) and their work (embroidery and quality of leather) is absolutely stellar!! They made "Wolf's" Christmas a very good one!!” I HIGHLY recommend them :)

Elaine Taylor, Las Vegas, NV


“HI Terry, Just a note to let you know that I received the Fernphoto custom camera strap. This is a Christmas present from my wife and both of us want to thank you and your family for crafting this wonderful camera strap. I look forward to many years of usage out of it again. It arrived here in the United Arab Emirates in perfect condition.” 

Thanks again, Daryl Levesque, Dubai, UAE

“Hi Terry, Just received my "Big Top" today and it is perfect and looks great. Such a great addition for my guitars. Thanks so much for the great work and quick delivery. Have a great summer.” 

Jim Meyd, Sparrows Pt, MD

“Terry: Straps arrived today. They are as beautiful as I imagined. Thank you so much for your help. I will cherish these for years to come, and if I need future help with other straps of fine craftsmanship (perhaps a camera strap?), I hope I can turn to you.”

Thanks again, Jack Warren, Wilmington, MA

“Beautiful work! I'm thrilled with both straps. Already thinking of more designs.”  

Thank you! John Morvay, Las Vegas, NV 

“Hello, I have receive the strap today, this is the best quality i have seen, she is beautiful and very class, this is exactly what i wanted. I will send you a photo with a comment.”

thanks, Pascal Graffeuil, Launaguet, France


“It's about time I wrote and sent raves and photos. I am up in Big Bear for a gathering of photo friends.  We are going on photo safaris and partying and such.  Not necessarily in that order. WELL, my Blue Jean Baby camera strap has already been raved about to friends.  It is simply the most comfortable strap I have ever had.  I'll never use another one . . . EXCEPT, of course, for that AWESOME Rattlesnake Skin camera strap you made special for me.  I am looking forward to everyone going FOREST GREEN when they see it.  That will be tonight when we first get together.  I probably won't wear that one out on nature safari's and such.  It looks WAY too awesome for such use, but the real reason is: I am certain that the rattlesnake population here in Big Bear would organize a revenge strike if I were to wear it on THEIR turf!  LOL!

Then there's the strap for my old guit box.  The Earth Child.  DAMNATION but it's so comfortable it's like the thing isn't even hanging on my shoulder! And it looks fantastic with the guitar.

TRUE Hand Craftsmanship is NOT dead!  ESPECIALLY here in the States!  ALL you folks are the best, but Terry is just the finest example of personalized service that I think I have ever seen!  WOW!  Some may balk when they see the prices of your products, but in my opinion you sell yourselves short. These straps are worth every penny and I know I will have them FOREVER.


By the way, I hope to get photos of me in action with the strap(s).  If I can stand seeing myself in them, I'll pass them along. Meanwhile, here they are.  I bet it's like getting photos of the kids, huh? hahaha”

 Ron Hannah, San Dimas, CA


“Hi, Terry, All I can say is, "WOW!" My canebrake/timber rattlesnake skin guitar strap arrived yesterday and it far exceeded my expectations. The online photos of the skin really didn't do it justice. The colors "pop" in person, and really work well with the black leather and the honeyburst color of my Les Paul (doncha think?). There's an old saying that you "get what you pay for." For a totally custom, one-of-a-kind, made-in-America strap, the price was more than fair.

Terry, great job on this strap. Even the work on the black leather and tailpiece is top-notch. The double stitching was definitely the way to go. And the length adjustments were spot-on. I set the tailpiece about midway and the guiutar hangs right where I like it. Also, the leather is so soft and comfortable. This is a heavy guitar, so a wider strap does a lot to spread the weight out across more of the shoulder. Some leather is stiff, but not this. I can hardly tell I have a 9-or-so-pound guitar on. Your work shows a lot of care and attention to detail. I will certainly be recommending you to anyone looking for a great custom strap.

I only wish I was a better camera subject, but the strap is the real "star" in these photos.”

Thanks, again. Paul Sylvain, Euless, TX


“Got the strap in the mail today. Looks and feels great.”

Larry Hanson, Dayton, TX


“Hi Terry, Sorry it's taken me so long to send you some photos, but here they are! Hope you like them as much as I do. Thanks,”

Stuart Beggs, Medowie, NSW, Australia


Please note: Stuart was able to obtain permission from Gretsch to use the Falcon logo for his guitar strap. - ACS


“Terry, I can't thank you enough for all the hard work and dedication to our personal strap. He loved it, he was speechless - which is a lot for Him- haha- and it means so much to him...to us... You are truly a talented artist and your dedication to your craft and to people like us is so incredibly special and touches me so deeply. Thanks again for all your hard work and great communication. This special gift- designed by you- will carry a lifetime of memories for us. Thanks so much and have a great holiday season.”

Danna Bond :))) Dallas, TX

“Terry, I received the strap today and it looks great. I will let you know how it works as time goes on and will be sure to tell my friends that if they are looking for a strap to make a statement that you are “The Man!”  Thanks”

Steven L. Windham, Baton Rouge, LA


“Terry, Here’s my Action Series 200 Blackheart strap in action with my 5-string bass! Love it. Such a comfortable strap. Note the strap locks that fit perfectly now that you punched it. Thanks, as always.”

Mike May, Plymouth, MN


“With regrets (more than a little late), but as promised...!”

Bob Hardy, Milpitas, CA


“Terry, I received my two new leather and deer hide straps yesterday and you have done an outstanding job! The leather is exactly as I had imagined though I know my description to you was less than specific. The stitching is perfect which was a concern of mine considering the proclaimed high quality and price of these straps. They are everything you described on your website and a delight to behold and use. I most appreciated the phone conversations concerning just what I was looking for as well as taking the time to post photos of the actual leather that was to be used. I can highly recommend Action Custom Guitar Straps as a serious contender in providing the ultimate finishing touch to a beautiful and well loved guitar. The photos attached are of a Taylor purely custom 12 string cocobolo guitar with the embroidered Frontier strap of brown leather and soft deer skin interior and a Gretsch electric 6 string hollow body guitar with a custom Black leather guitar strap having soft Red Glazed Deer skin interior. My sincere thanks, appreciation and best wishes to you and your very commendable business.”

James Goodson, Kerrville, TX

Rodger Pinto

“Thanks Terry!! Strap was just what the Doctor ordered.”

Rodger Pinto, Carmel, IN


“Terry, Sorry it has taken me this long to get back to you. Been crazy with all the travel and family things going on...not to mention the band stuff. I just thought the transmitter covers were cool. Wasn't sure how they were held on. Thought maybe via a strap or something. Anyway...here's a photo of me playing with the strap on...and a photo of our band. Pretty cool with the strap you made!! Love looking through all your straps.”

Brian Fields, Albuquerque, NM


“Hi Terry. It was absolutely wonderful doing business with you. Your personal service, attentiveness, and attention to detail were over and beyond. I’m enjoying the fruits of your exquisite craftsmanship. Thanks for making this an enjoyable experience.”

Sincerely, “Cappy” Bill Capistran, Lynn, MA


“Terry, We got the camera straps on Monday, beautiful workmanship. A his and her's camera.”

Regards, Bill McIsaac, Alexandria, VA


“Hi Terry, Here's "TAB" (Thomas A Baden) playing last Saturday night with the very latest Action strap and a picture of all 5 straps so far! He loves them!!”

Andrea Agerlie (Andrea from Minnesota)



“Hi Terry, Received the strap yesterday in time for the birthday party. Although he knew it was coming Charlie loves the strap, thanks again for all your help with this!”

Best, Carlos León, Chula Vista, CA



Best, Mark M.DeWald, Park City, UT

Custom Matched Leather Guitar Strap

“Hey Terry, You couldn't have come up with a better match!”

“Hi again, Terry! Thanks to your straps, these things don't feel like ten pounds anymore!”

Bill Johnson, Oak Park, IL

“Hey Terry, I just wanted to let you know that i am very satisfied with your strap. Its quite frankly the nicest strap i have ever owned. Its extremely comfortable. Quite possibly the highest quality strap i could have acquired and looks amazing as well. Even nicer than the pictures. The leather is so soft, its really great. You sir definitely have the nicest guitar straps on the internet. I will be sending pictures of me and my guitar strap to you pretty soon.  Thank you very much,”

Richard Chatterpaul, Quebec, Canada


“Terry, Love the new strap! Had to get a new axe for the strap and thought you might want to see your handy work with the new guitar. The strap looks amazing with the guitar and is very comfortable as usual! Have a great day,“

Bob McHolland, Harrisburg, NC

This strap is 57” (center of hole to center of hole), non adjustable and features a large Diamondback Rattlesnake.  And we wish that more customers would buy a strap and then buy a guitar to go with that strap!  Sounds like a good plan to us! - Action Custom Straps


“I received my Big Top guitar strap last week and couldn't be more happy with it. Some time ago I noticed the fantastic guitar straps that Jimmy Buffett was using in concert and in the Margaritaville calendars. After researching via internet, I found that they were made by Action Custom Straps...so I had to have one. Imagine me using one of the same straps that Jimmy uses! Your guitar straps go far beyond being functional and comfortable. They are works of art with the highest level of craftsmanship and detail. Mine sure helps me bring the essence of my native South Florida to North Georgia; especially during a very cold winter when we need it most.”

John Fleming - Growing older but not up in Roswell, GA


“Hi Terry, Thank you for making my beautiful new guitar strap. Even though I settled on the Simply Classy Black model, I appreciated your sending the samples of leather and thread for me to review. As I mentioned, this was my 65th birthday gift from my family and it goes perfectly with my sunburst guitar. I have attached a photo that shows the strap on the guitar and some old guy holding it. Thanks again.”

Richard Bauer, Duluth, MN


Hey Terry just wanted to send you some pictures my hubby took of his new guitar strap with his Jimmy guitar and his Martin 6 string. He was just in awe I can't thank you enough for helping pull off what he calls one of the best anniversary gifts I've gotten him in 15 years. Jimmy used it a couple times at the concert that night and Danny kept saying hey I have that strap!!! Hope you like the pictures and really thanks so much again!!”

Andrea Fay


“Terry, thanks for sending the Diamondback camera strap. It's awesome and I love it. You're obviously extremely talented at what you do. The quality is superb and the pattern is better than what I expected. I attached a picture as you requested. I hope you can tell how proud I am to own it.  Let me know if you can get a Copperhead skin and what you might charge to make the same style strap. I may order it if the price is right.  Thanks again --- I'm probably one of many happy customers that you have!  Regards,”

 Ed Martin, Hoboken, NJ