The Vontz Story!

Well, the story goes something like this. It seems that Marge and Al Vontz’s son wanted to make his father a guitar strap by weaving a colorful strap at school. However, we all know how tricky new projects can be, so the finished product, while much appreciated by Al, did not quite work the way it was intended.

Marge Vontz now enters the picture as chief negotiator. She knew how much it meant to her son, so she contacted us to see if we could give the strap a helping hand. Well, if we have the time, we can’t resist a challenge. 

This is the strap as we received it and you have to admit that this is a very good effort by a 9 year old!

So, our job was to refine it and make it more usable while not losing the original intent.

Our first task was to square up the weaving, tighten it, and cut the sides and ends without having it all unravel!

It took some time and trial and error, but we finally got the job done. 


Was it worth it?  Well, here  is what Al wrote after receiving the strap!

“Terry,  Just wanted to let you know that I love the strap that you made from my son's weaving . The length is perfect  and the leather is very soft.” .

Later Marge sent the pictures that you saw on the previous page pictures and a card that read,

“Terry, Al loves the strap...We look forward to doing business with you again in the future.”

And there you have “The Vontz Story”. So...what’s your story?