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“Hey, guys, I was just showing off your website to some friends of mine and saw Karri's strap on there! You guys rock! She's loves her strap I got her for her birthday in June or July of 2010 (?) This picture isn't the best, but I assure you I'll be taking some better ones to send off to you guys. She writes original Country/Southern Rock music. Her band is out of Visalia, CA called Mehrten Drive. If you care to, check her out on or the Mehrten Drive Facebook page. Thanks again guys, best customer service experience I've had in a very long time.”

Heidi Henry  Mehrten Drive manager


Giddyup Dave of Giddyup Dave & The Island Boys

“Love this strap!”

Dave, Lexington, OH

“Terry, I wanted to write back to you to let you know I received my "Fins Up" strap tonight.  All I can say is, WOW! You really exceeded my expectations on this one! I'll take some pictures soon and send them to you. I'm very happy and it was money well spent. You have earned my future camera and guitar strap business.  Thanks again for all your help last week!”

Mike Eason, Crown Point, IN

OK, here’s the story.  Lisa Friedkin wanted a strap made for her aunt who had on her “bucket list” to learn how to play the guitar.  Her family was getting her the guitar and the strap would complete the picture.  This top picture is the picture taken when her aunt received the guitar and strap.


A few days later, Lisa sent this picture.


Well, it's obvious by the time this second picture was taken, that Lisa’s aunt is an accomplished guitarist.  Thank you Lisa, for sending the pictures!


Another nice picture from Florida - Justin Wright with his embroidered Simply Classy Black 80 holding up a Taylor.  Good combination!  Thank you Tracy, for sending the picture.


“Hi Terry. He loved the strap. He had so many compliments, on it. He now is looking for a sax strap. Thanks again for a GREAT job!!!!!”

Deb Baumann, Lakewood, Colorado

“Hi Terry. Here are the pictures I promised that I would send you. You know looking at the straps on my prized Silvertone and Gibson guitar brings to mind an old saying which is that the right clothes makes the man. In this case your straps make the guitars. The quality, color and workmanship of the straps speak for themselves. Thanks again.”

Robert Lemoi, Coventry, Rhode Island


“Hi Terry. The straps arrived today and I was at a lost for words. Let me begin by saying that they are truly a work of art. The leather was second to none and the colors were exceptional. I could hardly wait to put them on my guitars. You can definitely add me to your list of satisfied customers. I have dealt with many people in the past but you truly stand out as one of the best. I would like to thank you for the extra straps you sent me, and I have already used one of the smaller ones. As soon as I get my new desk top on line I will take some pictures of the guitars with the straps and will be sending them to you. Thank you for spending the time with me on the phone. I found our conversation to be very informative. You will definitely be hearing from me. Again thank you for the great straps.”

Robert Lemoi


“Michael loves the strap, it was just what he was hoping for and the special detail made it a one of a kind !  Thanks Again Terry for the extra time and attention you put into this. We appreciate it !  Don't forget if you get out to Coeur d alene look us up!”

Amy & Michael Milacek


“Hey Terry, Sorry it has taken me soo long to get you some pictures, things just kept coming up and Kimberly and I never could get them done.  Attached here should be a couple of the shots.  Feel free to use them on your website or however you want!  We tried to incorporate my bike, so people would kind of relate who I am.  Since I’m obviously not a famous country singer, they would see me and think (who is this poser with a cowboy hat on)!  But anyways the strap looks killer, I really appreciate it and let me know if there is every anything I can help you with!!!”

Thank you, “Cowboy” Kenny Bartram

“Terry, Again, I can’t believe how amazing the straps turned out. I am in total awe, sitting here over a cup of coffee in my living room this morning looking at them. Works of art, anyway, here are the long awaited photos. I also took a few shots of the pirate strap on the Koa Martin. That was the original guitar that Windi ordered the pirate strap for. So the pirate strap is finally back on the Koa where it is meant to be. That’s the one that started it all. Looking forward to many more to come. I think there just might be a Hula and a Tiki out there in the future! Hey, I know we talked about the fossil going on one of the telecasters, but check out how great it looks on the 12 string. The Ralph Lauren leather is perfect on the shellback with just a little more redness in color, and check out the darker leather on the pollywog, beautiful! I couldn’t be happier, thank you so much again. I don’t know but looking over at these this morning, I think even Jimmy himself would be proud!  Cheers,”

Eric Bauman


Yes, we think Jimmy would be proud!

“Good morning Terry, Well the straps arrived last night and what can I say other than, WOW! They are absolutely beautiful. I knew they would be coming from you, but they are really amazing. I will take photos of the JB straps with the JB guitars and email them to you within the next few days. I cant say thank you enough for all of the time you spent on the phone with me making this happen. They really are the perfect straps to go with these guitars. Ill be in touch, let me know if and when you plan to get to Moab, we have two friends who have homes there and we are frequently making quick trips down. If the timing works out, we will drive down and take you to a nice dinner at the Moab Brewery as a thank you! I couldn’t be happier with these works of art!  Cheers!”

Eric Bauman


“Hi Terry, Don't know if you remember me or not, but I ordered a guitar strap for my best friend for Christmas (I'm the one from Colorado!). We FINALLY started doing some gigs and I finally got a picture with him using the strap. I am sending this pic to you as you wanted me to - soooo, here it is. His name is Michael Rice and our band is called The Country Music Project -

Take a look at the website sometime and let me know what you think!

Anyway, hope all is well with you. Please let me know that you recieved this....

Thanks a million.....”

Heather Hanson

“Hi, just a quick note to say I picked up the Red Rattlesnake skin guitar strap today, it's beautiful! The length is perfect as well!! Can't wait for Christmas now! Thanks again,”

sincerely, Dave Klippenstein

“My friend loves his strap. His martin is on backorder so he won't get it until late April/early May but he put it on another one and said it was the most comfortable strap he has ever had. Thank you so much. It looks great and feels great. You are the man.”

Amanda from Tampa Bay

hey. my cousin gave me this strap for christening her son. and she said you would like a picture of me and the strap. thank you, i love it.”

For a larger picture of the strap, click on the picture.

“TERRY AWESOME STRAP!!!!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! I CANT THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR YOUR KINDESS IN HOLDING THIS STRAP FOR ME! Got it quick too!  It is the FIRST time ever I got something that looks exactly like the picture!  I will get my sis to take a picture and I will send it to y"all.  Now, my sis is inquiring about one for her. She is a arty type of person. She adored the Passion strap. And she wants a strap with some kind of snakeskin. She can't afford the top of the line customs you make, (but they are all Customs anyway! (Epecially with your custom service on top of the beautiful products) She is in no hurry, but she really liked mine. (The new leather is awesome too; softer, but I love the leather on mine as well. Very, very classy!)  Even my brother-in-law went Ga Ga over it! I will be very proud to wear it! (And of course tell everyone where it came from.  You can email me or my sis directly with anything you think she might like in the general price range of mine. Her Schecter acoustic is red-burst with abalone trim. Actually, my strap would have been perfect, but I saw it first!!! I love my new strap. My sis is very funny like you, we both fell over laughing with the letter you enclosed! (Definitely NOT a piece of #%#%#!) :> Anyway, I know you will find something she will like. I'm sure she would enjoy any selections you pick out. I want to thank you again Terry for the personalized customer care as well. Y'all are top notch!!!!”          
Sheila Smith, Vidor, TX

“Thanks, Terry for the fantastic straps. I have three vintage Martins and a vintage Les Paul, all of which are now sporting them.”

Regards, Bob Colleran, Venetia, PA

“It is absolutely superb! Many thanks.”

Matt Kydd, Manchester, GB

“Aloha Dena and all: I love the Chili Pepper camera strap and all of the extra parts-it looks great on my Nikon, and like Terry, I like my camera to be well dressed - whether to the beach or to photograph real estate. In addition, black and red is my favorite combination of colors anyway, even though I will have to wait a bit longer to get the red Boxster w black interior.  Take care.”

 Roger Harris, Pahoa, HI

“Dena, I received my new camera strap, and it’s great! I searched around for something different, and your product hits the mark.  Thanks for a good product, keep up the work………and cool website too………”

Joseph Foster, MRA., Longview, WA

Leon Ritchie of Scottsdale, AZ sent these pictures of himself wearing an Action custom camera strap.  Leon wanted extra shearing, so he got it.  Leon has since ordered two more camera straps made to his specs.

“Terry, The strap looks great! My son loves it as you can see in the photo. I'm really glad I found your website.”

Bob McAnally, Millstadt, IL

“Hello Terry, I received the strap today!! Thank You very much. I have to say it looks better than I ever imagined. You exceed your reputation by far. Everyone that I have showed it to so far is jealous that my cousin will get it for being my son's godfather. Again thank you for coming through on such short notice. I will recommend you to anyone looking for quality and a great company to go through. You Rock!”

Francesca Michaels, Hesperia, CA

“Hi Terry.  I am so Thrilled with my New Guitar Strap!  The time and care you took to get it just the way I wanted it really shows!  I have inserted some pictures of the strap with my guitar, and as you can see, it is a perfect fit!  Eventually, I will get you some pics of me playing!  Thank you again so much, Cindy”J

Cindy Goldstein, Weston, FL

“Terry sorry it has taken so long to get back to you.The guitar strap was a hit. It is so beautiful he absolutely loves it he thinks it the coolest thing ever. Eric wants to know who has strap #2 since his is #3. I gave it to him just before we left to go to Hawaii for the wedding. So get this while we are over on Kauai we found this cool guitar shop called Scotty’s that carried Martin guitars (which Eric loves Martins). They had a special edition Koa Martin there that was for sale so to finish off the wedding gift we got him a new guitar to go with his new strap and it what more perfect wood since we were in Hawaii than Koa.Thanks for everything it is really beautiful. We’ve attached pictures of the strap with its new guitar. Thanks again for everything.”

Windi Jones, North Salt Lake, UT

“I thought you might be interested in the posting I just made to the Flatpick-L list, an international collection of acoustic guitar flatpickers. I so please. I will photograph it today or tomorrow and send you the results.

‘All the talk about guitar straps reminded me that I needed a new one. I prefer non-adjustable straps, and despite a modest expansion of my jacket size in recent years, my old (made by hippies in the early 70s) strap still fits--45" from hole to hole.

After reviewing the posts and a Google search I decided to call Action Custom Straps in Indianapolis yesterday morning, and asked if they could make one their "Gunsmoke" models to my specifications...

They had a sale going and offered 25% off, but what blew me away was that they made it yesterday afternoon, sent it FedEx, and I got it at noon today, just 24 hours after ordering it! It is gorgeous, and quite comfortable.

If you are in the mood for a custom strap, I don't think you could do better. 800-354-4939, ask for Terry.

The usual disclaimers about conflict of interest apply.


Thanks again, and I WILL be placing another order soon.  Bill”

William V Miller, MD Kirkwood, MO

“Mr. Terry L. Misner, I broke your custom strap in royally during a five hour dance here in Juneau, Alaska on April 1, 2006, and received raving compliments from those who noticed the custom Alaskan Golden North Star & name on stage. More importantly, this strap fit and held my Fender Precision Bass, with it’s HB1 tuning machine heads, and Leo Quan badass III bridge (a lot of metal weight) so comfortably it was like an Alaskan eagle feather, making it pure pleasure to play into musical bliss, not once being worn down by the ball and chain effect. Thank-you, Terry. I’ll forever be appreciative of your beautiful work.”

Archie Cavanaugh, Juneau, AK

Hi Terry and everyone at Action Custom Straps! I've enclosed a picture of me with the very beautiful red rattlesnake strap. I have played for many years and didn't realize until now what a difference a top quality strap can make! We had been on stage almost two hours when this picture was taken and I was so pleased with how comfortable the strap was. Organized Chaos is a high energy act and your wonderful strap helps me fit the bill thru the night!”

thanks again, Greg Byrd, Midland, Texas

Dear Terry, As it turned out, the straps arrived just in time for the New Year and what a present to have!!!! I was beginning to believe that I have just about got all the best that you can do, but to my pleasant surprise, you have wildly exceeded my expectations once again. Keep up the good work and we will be in touch soon. HAPPY NEW YEAR.” Regards,  Andrew

Motshidisi A. Oduetse, Gaborone, Botswana

“Hi Terry  Now that the Christmas Festivities have quietened down I now have the opportunity to let you know how pleased I am with my Tiki strap. You have made a wonderful job of it. The embroidery is fantastic and the leather work is superb. I will take a photo and send it to you in the near future. Once again, very many thanks and wishing you, and your family a very Happy New Year.”

Regards, Steve Doane, England

A Happy New Year !!  from Jan-Ake

“I’m ver proud of my guitar strap SantaFe and will thank You for good cooperation and everything for the year 2005. Here a picture of Jack Greene, Candy Carpenter from which I have a few collection country CD.s, and I sometimes sing those songs with my guitar. I play country music in my car almost everyday. I’d send You a picture of me - I’ll do that soon. many greetings”   mr Jan-Ake Nilsson, Sweden

Richard D. Wile first contacted us in February of 2005 regarding having a couple of custom straps made for his son, Richard A. Wile, who at the time was 12 years old.  After much patience on both Richard’s part, three custom straps were sent to Canada to go on RAW’s guitars.  Below are some of the pictures and comments that Richard has sent. 

Terry,  The straps arrived yesterday, I only arrived a few minutes ago. The straps are awesome, we are very pleased with the final product. In particular the colour of the body leather for the LP strap. I have to admit I was sceptical about your colour choice, but I learned long ago to let experts do their work and boy what a choice it was. The colour is perfect, in fact it seems to pick up the very slight green (olive) hue to the LP wood and the colour sympathizes quite well in fact perfectly. 

Of course I will send you some photos and a testimonial you can use, the boy would love to see his picture on your site. I will take a couple of action shots at his band gig this weekend. Give me a bit of time. We appreciate the effort and of course your decision to make a third strap was very much appreciated, with 7 guitars, you can never have too many straps. You are a hero... Thanks again Terry and I will get you some shots and a testimonial from the star that you can use.  Cheers,”

Richard D. Wile, Bedford, Nova Scotia

This is a picture that Richard sent of a Zone bass we made a strap for.

Below is a picture that Richard sent recently of RAW in action at SummerRock 2005.  He’s looking like a seasoned pro already!

“This strap is unbelievable in its comfort. I thought a padded strap was the only way to go for a Les Paul, I now know that Terry designs the most comfortable straps you could use on stage.”

Richard A. Wile

A special thanks to RDW and RAW for the great pictures of Action straps in uhhh... action!

and now... two sets of Triplets!

The above set of triplets belongs to Jeff King of Wimington, NC.  A copper whipsnake, a red viper and a custom one of a kind snakeskin strap adorn the triplets named Gibson, Martin and Gibson. What a nice family.

The above set of triplets belongs to Jeremy Meurer of Manilla, IN.  A Tickled strap, a custom handpainted premium python and a custom brown diamondback rattlesnake strap are worn by these triplets named Fender, Gretsch and Yamaha.

Thanks to Jeff and Jeremy for taking the time to line the triplets up for a picture.

Terry,  Sorry to take so long getting back to you—I have been out of town.  The straps are terrific. Even better than I expected.  Thanks a million.”

Bruce Barrington, Quechee, VT

“Hi Terry, I received my guitar strap today wow that was quick postage!!!!  I have to say first off the quality of the leather you have used is very impressive. I also like the red viper circular pattern as I must admit at one point from pics I thought the red viper maybe too brighter red but it's the darker red that I was hoping it would be. The cobra dots are cool as well I don't know why but I thought they were a silver looking colour but obviousally not but still very nice.  I compared my strap to my other 2 straps: Levy Suede strap & the El Dorado hand crafted custom leather strap to my new Action venom guitar strap & I have to say the strap you made is the most comfortable to wear/use. The leather is of a much better quality than that of the El Dorado although I do like the vintage country look of the El Dorado strap it is not as comfortable as the Action strap you made. The Venom strap fits perfectly it's like going to a tailors & having a suite measured for you to your exact specs. The strap just feels right as I've said easily the most comfortable strap I own... I know what a good quality strap you do make & I'll know who to come to next time I require another strap which hopefully will be pretty soon.  Oh & thanks for the cobra money clip now that is what I call good customer service!!!!  Many thanks once again for the strap.  All the best.”

Matthew Smith

“Hi both, I received my Earth Child today. I only had to pay 8,63 (about $16) as import tax. The strap is fantastic, so supple yet strong. The finish is superb and the colours very pleasing. Exactly what I was hoping for (after taking months deliberating). So was I ripped off? Certainly not. Apart from the exquisite design, this strap is hand made. Sheer quality. That is worth paying for. I'm delighted. Also the service is so friendly and understanding. Absolutely no pressure, just excellent advice. Yes, I'm totally grateful for your patience, assistance and expertise. What more can I say except thank you very much. I'll try to sort out some photographs but,in the meantime, if you wish to publish any of my comments, please dedicate them to 'a delighted Rory Gallagher fan'. I'll probably spend the next month or so deciding whether to go for the Indian Blanket. That would look terrific on my acoustic. Speak to you again. Best Wishes,”

Brian Mogford

“Terry, I received the strap yesterday and love it. I am CFO of a large public company and my guitar is my escape from stress and the "real world". The strap design my 10 year old daughter and I conjured up on a sheet of paper last Summer combines a relaxing image from her favorite Jack Johnson movie soundtrack with the title of my favorite Kenny Chesney song ( I am a self-described Island Boy!). You brought the idea to life! It has been a pleasure working with you. Look out...we will be working on something for my Telecaster next!  Thanks so much!”

Phil Conti

“Terry: I received my new Blackheart strap and I really love it. It certainly seems to be as good as I'd hoped it would be. I played a gig with it Saturday and it's amazingly comfortable. Of course, it goes without saying that the quality is superb (but I'll say it anyway-the quality is superb) and I think it's quite nice looking in an understated way. If someone takes a decent picture of me wearing it, I'll send it along. I look forward to many years of use and I'll be ordering one for my Rick 360-12 as soon as I decide what color it(the strap)should be. Thanks for your help and concern. It's a pleasure dealing with you.”

Gerry Canter

Dear Terry, The guitar strap arrived today and it is just beautiful!! And the leather is so soft!Thank you for the very nice letter as well! I really love the way you do business. Wishing you and yours a very Happy Holiday! Thanks Again,”

Sara Jane Johnston

Hi Terry, The zebra strap arrived a few days ago. I thought I have seen it all, but this strap has left me speechless. I will cherish it the rest of my life.  Thank you once again for a job so well done. Satisfied Customer.”


“Strap Arrived safe and sound about 5 minutes ago..... DROP DEAD GORGEOUS!!!! We'll take a few pics and send it your way after he opens everything up on Christmas morning. Thank you! You are a true Artist!!!

kc Wright

“Hi! I got the strap yesterday, and it is a stunner! I am very happy with it.  I had no problem with the delay, it gave me an extra day of anticipation. Thank you for all of your attention. My wife has a nice camera, and I think for mother's day she will be getting a Action Custom Strap. You know your doing it right when you get repeat customers! Thanks again!”

Mike Moore

P.S.- I will be sending a picture of the strap on my guitar after the holidays.

Hi Terry. I received my strap this morning. Wow it looks great. I think the lizards are pretty cool. Im glad we went with the wider strap….it’s extremely comfortable. Also the top lizard sits right on my shoulder so it turned out just right. I’ve got two more gigs to play this weekend so I’ll give it a try.  Thanks again”

Ryan Darling

“Hi, Just a note to wish you and all at Actioncustomstraps a healthy and prosperous New year. My strap is sitting comfortably on my Strat. The denim is so Rory Gallagher I can't believe it. Again, thanks. And I haven't given up on another strap. I may put this one on my Martin and order another denim but with black leather. The denim has me hooked! If you want a recommendation to publish on your site, I'll be happy to oblige. But I warn you my praises will cause a news headline. your straps must be the best available anywhere. Sheer work of art. Cheers,”

Brian Mogford

Terry , Nikki (sorry for any misspellings): I got the strap. My only concern: I thought you said you could not read my mind, but it is all too obvious that you not only could, but did. I am a very happy customer. As the governor of California would say, "I'll be back."

Michael Robinson, Eunice, LA

Nikki, I noticed on your website that you had a picture of mine and my Dad’s guitar straps that we got for Christmas (The black on black RSP, MLP straps). I wanted to let you know that we love them and we get nothing but compliments on them. Not to mention they are so comfortable. We have since added a few guitars to our collection and will be looking to finish them off with some new straps as well. (I am still waiting for the Harley strap!).  I wanted you to know how much we are enjoying them.  Take Care.”

Scott Pierce

“Hi Dena.  I appologize fror the delay in responding! Things have been crazy hectic around here!  These three latest additions to my Action strap collection are just as fine and appreciated as the first two I got!  You folks have hinted in the past that you would like pictures of your straps in "Action" (Pun entirely intended)! I am not familier with digital cameras at present; but will set sending pic;s your way as a goal! (Can't make a promise as to when)!  I am continuing to post your site in response to occasional request's for strap recomendation's on the various forums I check up on!  I surely hope you have the success you hope for at the NAMM show!  When I last talked to Terry; He mentioned a custom designed strap to me! I am budgeted out at present for straps and such, but he planted the seed and I have an idea, and so will be in touch in the future.  All the best to you all!” 

John Fary

“Dear Terry and Nikki, I wanted to let you both know that I got the strap for "Candy," my bass guitar yesterday via USPS. As with the Earth Child strap on my Takamine, it is of the same high quality in both materials and workmanship. I rushed home from work yesterday and put it on. Man, what a difference! The added width makes the guitar that much more comfortable. The strap is everything I hoped it would be. I'm sure I'll have it for years. I can't wait to show it to the rest of the band. As soon as I get a digital camera, I'll take a couple photos and send them, but for now, know that I'm extremely pleased, to say the least. Keep up the good work! Yours in Christ,”

 SFC Felix V. Vallone, Jr., South Korea

This is what a strap's supposed to feel like! It matches my '55 Martin D-28 perfectly, and hangs on my Les Paul just right, too! (the other guitars haven't had a chance, yet.) Keep doing what you're doing, the way you're doing it, and we'll be here---buying some of the FINEST straps made! Thanks, and God bless,”

Steve Gambrell, Ware Shoals, SC

“Hi to everyone at Action Straps. I got the strap by Friday as you said - it's great and right up to the quality standard I've come to expect from you. Thanks a lot and hope you have great success at NAMM - wish I could drop by and see you there. Don't forget to put some photos on the web. Regards,”

Steve Worner, Burstwick, Hull, UK

Hey Terry, I just got the strap, and it is fantastic. If I ever need another, I will definitely buy from you again. Five stars!  Take care.”

Steven Gallipoli, Maywood, NJ

“Hi Nikki, My son finally returned to the UK from his vacation with the guitar strap I ordered that you sent to my daughter's house in Utah. It really is a great strap and I'll wear it with pride. Wish I'd got that painted python strap too. Thanks for a great product and great personal service. Highly recommended. Best regards”

Steve Worner, Yorkshire, England.

“I received the 2 Simply Classic 200 straps on Friday and once again the quality is outstanding. Thanks for the quick service and great product.”

Steve Braswell

“Hello Terry, Well I received my strap today, and I must say I was very excited to see the FedEx truck pull into my drive-way. I want to let you know I absolutely love the strap you made for me. It looks fantastic and the quality seems to be great! I decided to put it on my Gibson LP Junior, and I don't think there could be a better strap for that guitar. The strap is very comfortable on me. It provides the height that I want, and smoothness that I like for enthusiastic playing and still gives excellent control and support. A good strap does alot for performance and this one is great. I am very proud of it. Thank you.”

Thank You, Randy Polansky, West, TX

Hey Terry, I was thumbin through the Internet today and jumped over to your website to see if you were still making guitar straps. Not only did I find that you are, but I actually found the strap that I designed and you so beautifully made…the “Rowdy”. I always wanted a custom made guitar strap and the one you made for me far exceeded my expectations. I love it and will cherish it forever. I even put a link to your site from mine! Keep up the good work!”


“Hi Terry, Just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for the 200 strap and extra tails you made for me. Got the strap on Friday and used it right away and it is perfect. Put the second short tail on my other 200 and it is perfect too. Thanks again for fixing me up. You know I never thought I would have a $100 guitar strap, and now I can't imagine not having one (or two).”

Steve Braswell

Dear Terry,  The straps are here, and boy, they are stunning.  The workmanship is out of this world.  Even my guitar smiled.  AWESOME.”  Regards, Andrew

Motshidisi A. Oduetse, Gaborone, Botswana

Dear Terry, I hope you receive this photograph.


This is just to show my son Will using his camera strap successfully and happily. This photograph was taken in Tanzania over Christmas. We had two cameras in use with the straps on, and they were EXTREMELY comfortable. Many thanks and a happy New Year,”

Best wishes, Steve and Sandia

Hi Nikki, Matt from Gibson guitar here ! Sorry to have taken so long in getting back to you with a picture & quote about your awesome strap, I've been pretty busy this year, lots of travel & training for new people doing my job at Gibson.

The strap you guys made me is the best strap I is sooo comfortable..I've got a few other straps I thought were good until I got the "Cold Heart" I was wrong & now I'm spoiled & won't really use anything else... I'd like to buy a few more & my bass player wants a few too ! Everyone who's tried the strap loved it.

My Cold heart makes playing guitar fun more sore shoulder's after a 2 hour session's with my Gibson Gold top....just 100% fun....what Music is meant to be..thanks so much Action Custom Straps..for making the best straps on earth & making possible to play with absolute comfort !!!”


Matthew Ferguson, Gibson Musical Instruments, Entertainment Relations, West Coast

“I recently purchased a black classic 200 strap from you and I couldn't be happier with it. Great quality and the most comfortable strap I have ever owned. Thanks for the fantastic product.”

Steve Braswell

“Hello Terry,  Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I got my strap on Thursday and couldn't believe it. I had a show Friday night and of course I just had to use the strap. I got a lot of compliments on it and passed out the website address to everyone who asked me where I got it. Thank you so much for such a beautiful strap it is above and beyond anything I was hoping for. The white and black make the perfect match to my white Les Paul Custom. I will definitely be ordering more straps for the rest of my guitars. I will be sending you pictures from our show of the strap in action.   Thank you,”

 Lonnie Mackie, Roseville, CA

“Terry, Got the strap yesterday morning. Hung it on my 335 last night. I never imagined that a strap could perform magic. Your strap does. It makes a heavy guitar float as if weightless. It's refreshing that in an era that has exceptional quality vanishing in most products, you create what you do. Don't ever stop. Thanks a million.”

Bob Erlien, Chicago, Illinois

“Got it today, and that is one fine ass strap!“

Chuck Colvin, River Ridge, LA

“Hello Terry, The strap you made for Aaron Lines was a HUGE hit. It was so beautiful and you did such a wonderful job making it. The craftsmenship was outstanding. And those letters in his name were amazing.

I have enclosed a few of the photo's I took with him and the strap. The lights just made his name pop. It looked fantastic. Thank you so much for making it for us. It is something he is going to have for a very long time.  I did get permission from Aaron to use his photo on your site.  Thanks Terry.”

Brenda McKeever

To see pictures of the strap and Aaron receiving and wearing it, click the picture!

“Hi, Terry,  I received the straps yesterday -- they are nice!  They arrived in time for rehearsal, and my band mates liked them, too.  The leather on the Blackheart strap must be the softest I've felt.  Using the strap presents a problem however; I don't know whether to play my bass or pet the strap.  I'll manage somehow :-)  The Moody Blue strap is very classy.  The blue is so dark that under most light, it looks like black.  It reminds me of finest bespoke formal wear (not the stuff that can be rented) that is really midnight blue, so that it looks "blacker than black."  It's very nice.  Thanks for sending everything so fast!  Also, I appreciate you shipping the Moody Blue on my word.  I'm extremely pleased!  Roger (Sadowsky) has my main bass back at his shop in New York for some maintenance, so when I get it back I'll take a couple pics.  I'm sure I'll take you up on your 10% off offer for another strap early in the year, too.  Thanks again, and best regards,”

James Patterson, Hollywood, CA

“I FINALLY have a good picture of my friend performing with his band showing off the beautiful strap I gave him for Christmas two years ago.

I haven't been able to come up with a present for him that comes close to being as great as this one was!! Any suggestions?

Thanks and I hope you add this picture to your website. You guys are great!”

Joy Trader


Joy now holds the record for longest time elapsed between purchase and picture!  But we don’t mind!  We appreciate all the pictures!

Suggestions?  I think we can come up with something...

Thank you, Joy!

“Dear Nikki, As you promised, the camera strap arrived today--just a couple of minutes ago, in fact--and it is everything I expected it to be.  In fact, although your website takes great pains to convey the softness of the leather that you use, you don’t go far enough; my best leather jacket, which is pretty damn nice, actually, feels like cardboard by comparison.  And if “everything I expected it to be” sounds like damning with faint praise, please be assured:  I expected one helluva nice strap, and that’s exactly what I got!”

Rip Roach, Charleston, SC

“Dear Nikki, I know it's been a while since we talked, but I've been on vacation the whole month of July!  I took an awesome road trip home to Pennsylvania and Ohio to see my family and my wife's family before I go to Korea in September.  I didn't forget what you said about pictures and comments for your website... I certainly have gotten a lot of compliments on the guitar and the strap.  I love the appearance of the strap.  The combination of the denim and leather really looks cool and it's very comfortable to wear.  I've gotten lots of great comments on the looks of the strap.... Just to let you know, I've since decided to retire the Washburn, but I'll be putting the strap on a nice Takamine cutaway acoustic-electric I saw about two weeks ago.  I'll be taking the new guitar to Korea with me.”

The photo titled "Wedding Group" was taken on July 12,2003 on the occasion of my mother's wedding to Robert Maury, both of Taylor, PA.  Mom asked me to play "The Battle Hymn of Love" by Kathy Mattea for her.  Of course, I agreed.  I thought the song would sound better if more people were involved, so I asked my brother-in-law, Greg Polk, if he would help me out.  While I played the song (capo up 2), he did a nice little arpeggio accompaniment (capo up 5) that added a great spin to the song that I hadn't even thought of.  Accompanying Greg and I are, Laura Polk (my sister), and Emma Fryer (my niece). (Photo by Bill Mayfield)


The photo titled "Felix's Guitar" is the Washburn D12S I brought with me to The Academy of Country Music Awards Show back in May.  It was signed by Lonestar, Sara Evans, Deana Carter, Martina McBride, Kenny Chesney, Randy Owens (from the country group Alabama), and Carolyn Dawn Johnson.  I've been huge fans of all of them, but now even more so since they signed my guitar.  The photo was taken in Early June, 2003. (Photo by Felix Vallone, Jr.)

The third photo, titled "Greg and Felix" was taken on the 13th of July at my dad's house.  Greg and I were asked by my dad, Felix Sr. and his wife, Janet to play the song "Battle Hymn of Love" while we were having a barbeque.  (Photo by Janet Vallone)

Regards, Felix V. Vallone, Jr.
Sergeant First Class
United States Army
Fort Bliss Public Affairs

“Hi Terry. I received the straps late last week. Many thanks, they are very nice as I suspected they would be! They are a little more substantial in weight than the ones I purchased previously. Take care and good luck getting this product to the people who love their instruments!”

Robert Ward, Charlotte, NC

“Nikki, I received my strap last Tuesday. I like it very much. I was leery of buying something I hadn't seen, but your website provided enough pictures to let me be certain of what I was getting. The review link was also informative. I want to compliment you on the way you run your business. The product is of high quality, the people are friendly, and the information you provide is thorough and clear. I'm especially impressed with the last element. I'm a high school English teacher and often find that people's verbal communication skills are weak. That's simply not true of the people in your company. Thanks again for a great strap, and best wishes for continued success.”

Jim Heup, Aurora, IL

“Hey Terry, The verdict is in and I love the strap. The unique design, superior crafting and high quality of the materials all show through in the finished product. The leather is soft, supple and extremely comfortable. I have had the strap for only three weeks and have already received dozens of compliments. Many people come up to the bandstand to get a closer look. Probably the nicest compliment I've received to date was, "Wow, that guitar strap is a work of art!"

A good friend with a digital camera took photos of our band (Two For Tunes) playing a house party last weekend. She also took a nice close shot of me and my Tiki Strap. (Sorry about the unbuttoned shirt, it was hot!) I think you will agree that the Tiki strap adds to our tropical flavor.

By the way, we caught that "Buffett" fella on tour in Camden, New Jersey on July 1st. (It was our sixth JB show!) Sure enough, Jimmy was wearing his Action Custom Straps throughout the concert. The Tiki straps were ideal for the "Tiki Time Tour". They even had two-story, talking Tikis framing the stage. It was a classic trop-rock concert.

Terry, your work is being admired by people around the world, you must be very proud. My thanks to you, Nikki and Dena for making me this wonderful guitar strap.”

Best regards,

Tom Shaw, Wayne, New Jersey

“Hi Terry, First, I want to apologize for taking so long to write, and second, I want to THANK YOU so much for the wonderful camera strap!! It exceeded my expectations and I am absolutely in love with it!! The quality is exceptional and I haven't put my camera down since I got it. I don't have pictures of myself with the strap yet, however, I'm sending you someone far cuter!!! This is my oldest granddaughter, Aidan (she'll be 3 in July, but she'll tell you she's already 3). She loves my camera as well!! As you can see, she enjoyed it very much. I hope these pictures work until I can get you some of myself.

Again, THANK YOU so much!! You really outdid yourself! I'm saving for the whipsnake strap next! Talk to you soon and it's been such a pleasure dealing with you.”

Sincerely, Robin Johnson, Satellite Beach, FL

Thank you, Robin!  How cute is this picture?!

“Hey Terry.  No, No problems this time, Just dropping you a line to say thanks, I got my strap today, It is magnificent, definitely worth going half way around the world for. It is everything a good guitar strap should be and worth every penny. The leather is gorgeous. Thanks again for all your help.  I'll definitely be back for more.”

Kevin Cassells, Bailieoro, Co Cavan, Ireland

“Nikki - My husband really loves his guitar strap, and when others check out his guitar they notice the strap.  I was nervous at first about ordering online, but your product is better than described, and the quality and workmanship are evident.  If anyone thinking of purchasing a strap from you is reticent, they should fear nothing- your straps are so nice, they are truly works of art.  I don't even play guitar and I want one of your straps!  Your quick emails and quick service did no go unnoticed, either.  Thanks so much, and I look forward to future purchases.  Please quote me on this.”

Regards, The Evil Shannon B, Woodbury, MN

“Hi Terry; the straps arrived this morning. The "Timberland" is on an all Mahogany Martin 000-18S. If I gave an artist a month, they couldn't have matched the colors better. Is it OK to be in love with your guitar and it's strap? The Painted Python is on a figured maple body Tennessee Crafter single cone resonator. A friend freaked when he saw it and said he had to have one. I gave him your name and website (only after he swore the he would order a different color ... I want to be the only one around here with that color ... LOL). As far as the new leather is concerned; I like them both very much ... If I had to make a choice, it would probably be the new leather. Thanks for overnighting them, and I appreciate the discount. I now have nine guitars and 20 straps, but I have finally figured out 'how many guitars and straps that I need' ........... ONE MORE !!!! LOL. Thank You, Terry (It's comforting to know that there are still caring craftsmen available) I'll talk with you again, soon.”

Bob Geller, Matlacha, FL

The picture to the right  is one we especially like because (as we like to believe) it shows a very pampered camera and custom strap!

Action Custom Straps

“Dear Nikki, Once again thank you for the excellent strap and also for the letter which I now have read!  I shall be delighted to take some photos of myself, strap and camera, plus favourable comments.  As I am unable to photo myself actually wearing the strap and the camera at the same time I will need to borrow a camera!!  This can be arranged (inventive Brits) and I will send them to you as soon as possible.  With best wishes.” George

The Hon. G. A. Milne, London, England

“Hi all!! I hope everyone at this awesome place is happy and healthy!!  I know it took a long time but I wanted to send you a picture of me with my first strap.  I love the one I bought and the one I won in the very first drawing you had. I will never forget you all and I will be buying again. You guys are the greatest. Endless thanks for the best guitar straps on earth!!

Jim Burns

Long Beach, CA

“Nikki, Here's a pic of me with my great Python guitar strap.  My brother, Kevin, sent it to me through your online site as an X-Mas present.  I'll be calling
for another item soon.  Thanks.” 

Clarke Meyer, Los Angeles, CA

“Hi Terry, Thanks for the email. Yes, I received the strap this morning, no problems at all. It really is superb; I’m very, very impressed. The colour is exactly right and the softness of the leather is such that it makes me want to make underwear out of it! I adjusted it to the length that suits me, fitted straplocks, saddled up the ol’ Fender bass and away I went!! Practiced for an hour-and-a-half and never noticed the weight at all. We’re playing a St. Valentine’s dance next week so I’ll try to get some photographs taken to show off the strap to advantage. Congratulations on a terrific product and thanks again for your follow-up. I think I’ll be back!  Regards to Nikki,”

Robbie Wardrope, Salalah, Oman

“I still am getting compliments on the python strap y'all made for my Baker guitar, it is just awesome. I played this past weekend at a party for almost 4 hours and the strap still gave me no back pain. It's an amazing product.”

Michael “RedTailWolf” Nystrom, Macon , GA

“Terry,  The strap is awesome! I even commented on an internet message board that it feels like my guitar is floating!... I couldn't be more pleased! I mean that!  You do some really nice work.  This is definitely the nicest strap I've ever own or even seen. I can't thank you enoughMany, many thanks,”

John Evosevic

My husband absolutely loved the guitar strap. It was a great surprise. He immediately put the strap on his guitar after opening the package.  Everyone complimented the strap and congratulated my husband.  I am very pleased with the final accomplishment.  It is the most classy strap I have ever seen.

Thank you so much for helping me with this marvelous gift.  I hope you and your family had a very merry Christmas.  Tell all the people who helped with the guitar strap thanks too.  I will recommend you and your company to as many people possible.”

Leda Roselle, Austin TX

Dear Terry and Nikki, as you know I am a guitar reviewer for GRITZ Magazine.  I also let ya'll know that I collect guitars and straps.  I have been  on a search for the ultimate guitar strap for about 10 years now...I own more  than 50!  I just got the perfect one yesterday!  It is a custom made python with  your special paint touches applied to match my Baker B-1 tobacco burst guitar.  I  sent you a picture, you made the strap to a custom length, (cause RedTail is big ya'll), in a custom color, and had it to me in just a couple of days.  I have  bought higher end straps before. 2-3 hundred dollar hand tooled leather straps with HUGE silver buckles that are beautiful in their own way but are not very  practical.  I have dents on nice Les Pauls from those beautiful buckles!  I have 5 Custom made straps with conchos, my name or initials, in hand tooled leather...I always thought they were ultra cool! The problem with hand tooled  leather is  it generally took a half gallon of leather softener in order to even use them and that would change the color to a darker tone and then all of any "match" to a guitar was gone.

Your straps are made differently, soft, supple and have that broken in  feeling from the get go. The strap is wide enough to bear the weight of my heavy  double humbucking guitars like Les Pauls, the Baker and an SG.  That is a God send  to a big fellow like myself with a back problem.  I played for 2 1/2 hours last  night and never had a tinge of shoulder or back pain from the guitar.  These are, in my professional opinion, the best made guitar straps I have ever seen or played.  No detail is missed, reinforced stitching, soft supple leather backing,  beauty that can be seen from the 20th row and a overall air of having something VERY, VERY, special on your shoulder for VERY special guitars.  Attention to the most minute detail is taken care of. You guys are the best.

When RedTail Wolf says it Brothers and Sisters, believe it!  I always  preach the gospel about guitars or anything guitar related in any review or  comment I make about guitars or guitar products. Guitars and all things guitar are my life ya see, so believe me when I say " Buy an Action Custom Strap Today  ...You'll Be Glad Ya Did! And So Will your Guitar!"

My  email is If anyone has any  questions before you buy, drop me a line I'll tell it to ya straight! God Bless  ya'll, and the best damn strap makin company on the  planet!

Michael "RedTail Wolf" Guitar Reviewer/ GRITZ Magazine

“Hi, I thought I would send a line to let you know that I received my camera strap today.  I really like it, and I appreciate the craftsmanship that you put  into it.  I wanted a strap that would last for many years, and one that I could be  proud of and show it off.  I will forward a picture to you as soon as I can.   Again, I want to say Thanks...........Jim”

James Chance, Jr.

Eric McKenna sent us this picture of him using his custom strap.  Thanks Eric!

“Terry,  I've just gotten back from vacation and immediately ripped open the Fed Ex box containing my new Action Custom Strap. Needless to say, it's fantastic!  The quality of your leather is exceptionally high and the workmanship is top notch. But the best part is that you nailed my "custom  idea" so well!  I only wish I had know about you guys sooner...expect lots  more orders in the future!  Thought you'd be interested in seeing the strap in "action" (pun intended).  I'm not much of a photographer  it is on a 1972 James D'Aquisto Excel hollowbody.  Thanks again. Leigh”

Leigh  E. Michl, Weston, MA

Wow!  We just received our first pictures of our camera straps on a customer’s cameras!  Thank you!!

“Hi Terry, I hope you are having a good summer. I finally got a few pictures of the camera straps. The first couple of shots are the straps on two of my Canon cameras. In the third shot, I had my wife Rose model the straps while sitting on the back of our 1965 Mustang convertible. Really love these two straps. With your great quick release snaps, I can switch them around my different cameras. Thanks, again! Take care and keep up the great work!”

Larry Westberg, Performance Technologies International Inc., Annandale, Virginia

“I'm really enjoying my strap that I ordered last month. Within days, it has already begun to mold to my shoulder, not to mention that it looks great!  I've had several inquiries about it from other players and hope that they  order from you....I'm trying!”

Curtis Beaman, Burelson, Texas

“Terry, Just wanted to relate what a pleasure it was doing business with  Action Straps. I recently ordered a Blackheart strap for my bass,  and requested a custom length. I had a great experience with your  staff, you and Nikki called to clarify questions, did the job quickly  and perfectly and shipped at once. That alone would be great, but the  strap is first quality, a beautiful item. It feels great and is super comfortable.  Thanks again.”

Barry Ginsberg

“The 'Austin Major'  Strap is AWESOME!!!  I'll email you a  pictures of my playing that gig with it!  And I was quite  surprised how much I love the Blue strap as well. Tremendous quality.  The detail, fit and finish is the FINEST of ANY strap I've EVER seen.  Hands  Down!  Again, I can't thank  you enough.  I look forward to  working with you again!!  Very  Best,”

Eric  McKenna, owner, BoogieStreet Guitars

“I am delighted with the strap and will be soon purchasing another for my acoustic guitar.  Everyone who has seen it has reacted positively.  I can’t swear to it but I believe the guitar even sounds better.  Thanks for the time and effort it took to create this custom one-of-a-kind strap for me.”  Sincerely, Pat McGuire

To fully appreciate the guitar strap shown below you must read:

The pictures below were sent by Dr. Eugene Gorski. 

“’s here! and it’s great!  Action, speaks louder than words!  Thanks!”

Chip Crooks, Battle Creek, MI

And a little follow up from Joy Trader.  Thanks, Joy,  for taking the time to write the second time! - Action Custom Straps

“My friend, the bass guitar player, looked so awesome on New Year’s Eve with his new beautiful strap!!  The other guys in the band were very impressed and I think a little jealous!!  If I ever get a picture of him, I will send it to you.  Thanks again for making my Christmas such a memorable one by giving my best friend the guitar strap “to die for”!!

Joy Trader

“Hi!  I just wanted to say thanks for the fantastic strap!!  I just got my dream guitar a Guild D-55 and the strap is just beautiful.  I am a disabled person and I can’t tell you how much I love music and now that I have my dream guitar and this strap I couldn’t be much happier.  I would like to know if the strap give away is going to be a monthly thing?  I could use another one for sure.  Thanks Again!”

Jim Burns,  Long Beach, CA

“Just a note to let you know the Lone Star strap I gave my bass guitar player friend, is, and I quote, "the most perfect gift"!! He just loves it. He hasn't put it on the guitar yet, but I am sure he will tonight when he gets home. He knows quality when he sees it and he is very impressed with the strap. It IS so beautiful and it looks even better than the picture!! You made my Christmas and his very very special.

Thank you so very much for your advice and for your help in choosing it. The letter you enclosed with the strap is so appreciated and just the perfect personal touch. I know all the other band members will be impressed when they see it.”

Thanks again!! Joy Trader

“I checked out every strap on your website.  You evidently love what you’re doing.  You have a wonderful selection of straps.  I was very impressed with your enthusiasm toward your product and customer satisfaction.  I plan to buy a strap after the holidays, but even then, it will be tough to decide.  I’ve narrowed it down to about 10 of them.”

Wayne Mayfield

“I purchased an Action strap at a  guitar show about a year ago and have been very pleased with my purchase.  It is  the most comfortable strap I have ever owned and the design is awesome!!  I use  it on a 1995 G&L-ASAT W/Silver Sparkle finish.  Hats off to Terry for such a  fine product!!”    Shaun Alders.


December, 2000

“I was totally satisfied with my premium python strap. I put it on a beautiful old Epiphone dreadnaught that I've been converting to quality natural products over the years.  All of the plastic has been converted to fossil mammoth elephant ivory.  The fret markers were replaced with abalone. A laser cut sound hole cover was added in which I inlaid abalone and amber.  The strap was the perfect final touch.”

Ron Luedemann,  Bloomington, IN


April, 2001


Ron sent these photos of his Japanese Era Epiphone with his Action Custom Strap.  Ron adds that the bindings are maple and that there is a Martin thinline under saddle pickup in it!  However - it’s not for sale!

“I had Terry make two guitar straps for my husband's birthday - one with blue and white whipsnake for his blue guitar and one with brown rattlesnake and  tangerine whipsnake for his sunburst guitar.  The straps turned out great and  immediately made my husband's "best gifts received" list.  Dan loves how  the straps look with his guitars and he likes the fact that something  functional can also be cool and artistic.

We highly recommend Terry's  work.  He uses interesting materials, his designs are unique, and he  produces a high quality product.  He is also great to work with.  I had some  ideas regarding what I wanted, so I contacted him via email.  He responded  quickly and was very helpful and pleasant to deal with, so don't hesitate to  run ideas by him and/or to ask him questions.

All in all, our Action  Custom Straps experience was very positive and we think Terry's business is  one of the neatest dot coms we've run across on the internet.”

Lynne  & Dan Givin, Cary NC

“Dear  Terry, I received the rattlesnake strap today.....Wow!   It is a piece of  art!
The skin is beautiful and the craftsmanship is first class!   This is  truly a beautiful strap and it is comfortable too.   This really is a dream come  true for me to find your shop.   Thank you again for the great customer service too.  You made my day today!”

Scott White, Normal, IL

February 2001

 “Terry, I received the Python 200 strap last Friday.  It is a beauty.  Once again I find myself sending thanks to you for your fine work and great customer service.  You have a customer for life!”

Scott White, Normal, IL

March 2001

“I had spent a lot of time looking for the right leather strap when I finally found Action Custom Straps on the Internet. I liked what I saw and contacted Terry right away. He did such a great job of explaining his products that I ended up purchasing three different straps that same day! Each of my straps is custom made to extend to a length of 60 inches so I can sling those Explorers low!


Terry's straps are handmade with lots of attention to detail. He takes a lot of pride in his work and it shows. Thanks, Terry , for making such high quality products. I hope to do business with you again soon!”

Mike Schmidt, Ft. Dodge, IA

“I received my strap and I'm very pleased with the look and quality craftsmanship of the strap.  I searched and searched our local music stores and catalogs for a "Unique" strap that I wanted to stand out and be noticed. They all looked the same....made of nylon or leather. My next step was trying the internet. After searching several sights I kept coming back to Action Straps because of the vibrant colors and materials to choose from. I've had several compliments on my Bubblegum Strap and plan on buying another in the near future.”      

Sandy "Bass" Baldwin,  Rochester, NY.

“I bought the flame strap to use with a Fender Hot Rod "P" Bass in our Denver Based rock band "The Heat" (Thus the flames!). I have to tell you that your strap is the most comfortable strap that I've ever used Terry!  I'm not saying this to pump sunshine or to fluff anything up, it truly is a comfortable strap.  I play upwards of 4 and 5 hours a night and I've yet to have a sore shoulder after a gig! Our Guitar player also uses your flame strap and loves it.  Thanks for a great strap Terry! Rock On.”

Jeff Graves

“Terry,  I am VERY pleased with your product and service! The guitar strap that you made for me to give as a gift was just absolutely beautiful and was a big hit with everyone. I was surprised by how fast you filled my order, but at the same time, delivered such a high quality piece of "art." Your company is very customer friendly. I would highly recommend Action Custom Straps and would give it at least a five star rating for service, quality and price.  Thanks so much!”

Lisa Easterling, NC

“I never thought that a strap would end up being an essential piece of my performance "rig".  But my Action Custom Guitar Straps have become just that!  They are the most comfortable and enjoyable straps to wear.  I especially love my Handpainted Python 2.  Terry mixed the colors perfectly so that the strap goes with all my guitars.  I recommend ACGS to all my musician contacts.” 

Ron Ramirez, Fort Worth, TX

“Terry, Austin and I are very, very happy with both of the straps that you made for Austin.  He was very surprised at Christmas and he can’t wait to get home tomorrow to try them out.  Your workmanship is excellent and I love the smell of new leather.  Austin will be telling all his friends about you, and we wish you much success in the new year!  Austin has been playing the guitar for several years now and we have been looking for really nice straps, until we found yours.  We will send you pictures soon!”

Chuck and Austin Callaway, Arlington, TX

“I gave the handpainted python strap to my fiancee for his birthday. I knew he would love it and he did. Since I always try to find him something unique, this guitar strap definitely fit the bill! Neither one of us had seen anything like it before, certainly not in a music or guitar store. The colors were vibrant and beautiful...the workmanship was apparent, both in the handpainting and the construction. We were both very pleased with the guitar strap and will recommend your products to friends.  Good luck with building your business and web site! Best wishes in 2001...”

Gretchen Schuler, White Plains, NY

“I particularly like the care and quality of the cutting of the leather and the rolled seams. I am a bit of a detail freak and your work passes close scrutiny well. Thanks for a job well done!”

Tim Common, Pensacola, FL

“The rattlesnake strap is wonderful and fits perfectly. The craftsmanship is outstanding and I love the leather/snakeskin smell ! I will send a picture shortly.  Thanks,”

Bob Kozdemba

“Terry, I got the Rattlesnake custom strap this morning. I really appreciate the custom service and the strap being shipped so promptly. This is the strap I've been waiting to find. I've gone years buying the cheaper nylon straps knowing that someday I'd find out who makes the "nice" straps. Well, this is a beautiful strap and I'm well satisfied.”

Mark McKenzie, New Bern, NC

“I got my straps today!  I am quite impressed.  Indeed...these are very sexy.  Extremely comfortable, very stylish and perfectly crafted. Thanks for rushing them to me!  The silver striped one doesn't really work with the instrument the way I had hoped, so I may return it for a different style.  I appreciate the fact that you guys will allow me to do that!!  Thanks again,” 

Scott Sears, Nashville, TN

“Terry, Just wanted you to know that the wallet arrived and it looks great.  It was ‘beyond the call’ for you to give me a choice between skins and to send it along so quickly.  I am sure people will ask about my wallet and I most definitely will send them in your direction.  Many thanks.”

Steve Polozie, Potomac, MD